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"What every Business Analyst in IT should know"

Marathon-intensive for full immersion in the profession! Includes only the most important information about business analysis – structured, concise, and clear!

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Beginners will be able to take a quality test drive of the profession and understand whether they are on the right track.

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Experienced BAs get a chance to have a quick check-up of their background and structure their knowledge.


What awaits you at the marathon

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Classes every day

Video tutorials 7 days in a row – 1 lesson per day.


Two lives

Where you can ask me questions and get answers online.

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Small practical assigments.

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Checking of assignments

You receive the keys and examples the next day.


At this marathon, you get a real professional LEVEL UP in just 7 days!

Irina Gurskaya, Business Analyst, BA TL


Marathon program

Month DD, YYYY – Month DD, YYYY

Day of the week, Month D.D.

DAY 1.


  • introductory meet and greet lesson

  • marathon structure

  • rules and basic details

Day of the week, Month D.D

DAY 2.

"BA. Who is who?"

  • what is a business analyst?

  • difference between BA in the US market and the CIS market

  • where the BA is involved at different stages of development?

  • BA interaction with other project roles

Day of the week, Month D.D

DAY 3.


  • what does a business analyst do at the presale stage?

  • what questions should you ask the customer?

  • BA interaction with technical and sales experts

  • Presales artifacts: RFP and Proposal

Day of the week, Month D.D

DAY 4.

"FR-Functional Requirements"

  • functional requirements and their design methodologies

  • Vision&Scope

  • Feature List

  • User Story & Acceptance Criteria

  • Use Case & Use Case Scenario

  • UI Requirements

  • SRS

  • live

Day of the week, Month D.D

DAY 5.

"NFR - Non-Functional Requirements"

  • non-functional requirements and their examples

  • quality criteria

  • how to tell NFR from FR

Day of the week, Month D.D

DAY 6.

"Visual Requirements Design"

  • visual design of requirements

  • diagram types (UML, BPMN)

  • wireframes, mockups, prototypes

  • what does a BA do at the design stage?

Day of the week, Month D.D

DAY 7.

"Soft skills"

  • soft skills of a business analyst

  • recommendations for improving soft skills

  • final live

"What Every Business Analyst in IT Should Know"?
"What Every Business Analyst in IT Should Know"?
The hour will be announced later.
Online Event

Privacy Policy and Refund Policy are required reading before making a purchase. After payment, you will receive a letter to the specified email address with a link to the group in Telegram. To participate in the marathon, you need to join it.

In case you haven't received the letter, write to the support page on Instagram - @easy_ba_support.

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